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PDFtk Pro:

"... the perfect complement to Foxit PDF Reader."

Remo Knops

PDFtk Server:

"... I can see myself returning to it time and again. It is seriously powerful with a vast array of options."


"... it’s obvious this is a tool done right."


"... an excellent tool called pdftk."


"Pdftk (the pdf toolkit) is great!"

Carlos Ble

"PDFTK (PDF Toolkit) es una aplicación muy simple que permite manipular archivos con extensión pdf."

Marcelo H. Fortino



"pdftk is one of the most useful tools for manipulating PDF file that I’ve found for Linux."

Scott Nesbitt

"With just a little bit of command line finesse, you’ll be able to merge, split, collate, rotate, encrypt / decrypt, and watermark PDF files, among many other tasks."

Michael Perlman

STAMPtk Server:

"Awesome support ..."

Marco S.

About PDF Labs

Our mission is to make PDF easier to use.

PDF Labs is operated by Sid Steward, author of PDF Hacks (O’Reilly) and the popular PDF Toolkit.

Please contact Sid Steward by email. Include PDF Labs in the subject to ensure prompt delivery:

About PDF Hacks

PDF Hacks Cover

"If you like pdftk, then you’ll appreciate the other 25 programs and scripts I created for my book, PDF Hacks." –Sid

About PDFtk

For ten years, power users have relied on PDFtk for server-side processing of PDF documents. Our command-line PDFtk has been — and always will be — free (as in freedom) software.

Today we also offer a convenient graphical application: PDFtk Pro. Your purchase of PDFtk Pro will help fund the continued development of our GPL PDFtk.

Thank you for your support!