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PDFtk - The PDF Toolkit

PDFtk is a simple tool for doing everyday things with PDF documents. It comes in three flavors: PDFtk Free, PDFtk Pro, and our original command-line tool PDFtk Server.

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Guide to PDFtk Pro

PDFtk Pro is a friendly GUI tool for working with PDF documents. Use it to easily merge, split, rotate, watermark, stamp or secure your PDFs. This guide shows you how to use its various features.

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PDFtk Pro

Use PDFtk Pro to quickly split, merge, rotate, watermark, stamp and secure PDF pages and documents. PDFtk Pro is a graphical application that makes working with PDFs as easy as possible.

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PDFtk Server

PDFtk Server is our command-line tool for working with PDFs. It is commonly used for client-side scripting or server-side processing of PDFs.

It is also used by OEMs and ISVs to give their products the ability to manipulate PDFs. A commercial license is required to distribute PDFtk with your commercial product.

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STAMPtk - The PDF Stamp Maker

Use STAMPtk + PDFtk to mark PDFs with custom data, like stamps, watermarks, headers or footers, as the PDFs are served to online users. Or use these tools on the desktop to add information to local PDFs.

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PDFtk Server Manual

This pdftk manual documents all of its options and operations. Please consult our tutorials for some friendlier explanations. Pdftk is a command-line program, so you should use your computer terminal or command prompt to try these examples.

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PDFtk Server Examples

These examples show you how to perform common PDF tasks from the command-line using pdftk.

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PDFtk Server License

You can use PDFtk Server at no charge under its GPL license.

Commercial users will benefit from our comprehensive commercial support agreement.

To distribute PDFtk Server as part of your own commercial product you will need to purchase our PDFtk Server Redistribution License.

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PDFtk Version History

A history of PDFtk features and fixes. It also links to older versions of PDFtk.

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How to Collate Even and Odd Scanned PDF Pages

Shuffle the even and odd pages you get from scanning a two-sided document using PDFtk Server.

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How to Export and Import PDF Bookmarks

Export and import PDF bookmark data using PDFtk Server. This bookmark data can be easily parsed or generated.

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How to Create Photo Albums for Nook or Kindle

Create PDF photo albums that behave just like books on your Nook or Kindle ebook reader with a little help from ImageMagick and PDFtk Server.

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Install PDFtk on Red Hat or CentOS

Install PDFtk Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL versions 5 or 6) or CentOS (versions 5 or 6). Download a binary RPM, build from a source RPM, or build from source code.

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How to Add Headers, Footers, Watermarks and Stamps to PDF

Learn to use STAMPtk with PDFtk to add headers, footers, watermarks and stamps to PDF documents. These command-line tools are ideal for server-side processing of PDFs.

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About PDF Labs

Our mission is to make PDF easier to use.

PDF Labs is operated by Sid Steward, author of PDF Hacks (O’Reilly) and the popular PDF Toolkit.

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About PDF Hacks

PDF Hacks Cover

"If you like pdftk, then you’ll appreciate the other 25 programs and scripts I created for my book, PDF Hacks." –Sid

About PDFtk

For ten years, power users have relied on PDFtk for server-side processing of PDF documents. Our command-line PDFtk has been — and always will be — free (as in freedom) software.

Today we also offer a convenient graphical application: PDFtk Pro. Your purchase of PDFtk Pro will help fund the continued development of our GPL PDFtk.

Thank you for your support!